Artificial Intelligence in Dental Radiology

This special session aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and experts to explore innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the domain of dental radiology. This session will provide a platform to discuss recent advancements, challenges, and breakthroughs at the intersection of AI and dental imaging, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The scope of this special session encompasses a wide range of topics related to the integration of AI techniques in dental radiology. Submissions are invited from, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Image Analysis and Interpretation: AI algorithms for segmentation and annotation of dental structures. Automated detection and classification of dental pathologies from radiographic images.
  • Diagnostic Decision Support: Development of AI-based systems to aid clinicians in diagnosis and treatment planning. Integration of AI tools for accurate and timely detection of oral health issues.
  • Deep Learning Applications: Exploration of deep neural networks for feature extraction and representation learning from dental radiographs. Transfer learning and domain adaptation techniques in the context of dental imaging.
  • Integration with Clinical Workflows: Strategies for seamless integration of AI tools into routine dental practice. Workflow optimization and efficiency enhancement through AI-assisted diagnostic processes.
  • Ethical and Regulatory Considerations: Discussions on ethical implications of AI applications in dental radiology. Compliance with regulatory standards and ensuring patient privacy and safety.
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches: Collaborations between dental professionals, radiologists, and computer scientists for holistic solutions. Studies on the impact of AI on interdisciplinary communication and decision-making.


  • Dr. Haider RazaSchool of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, University of Essex, UK.
  • Dr. Akhilanada Chaurasia, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George Medical University, Lucknow, India.
  • Prof. John Q. Gan, School of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, University of Essex, UK.


Dental Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Deep Learning, Oral Healthcare, Image Analysis, Dental Image Processing

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